Natalie Schmidt, Assoc. IIDA

Interior Designer

For Natalie, designing interior environments is a great outlet for her creative energy. With each project being different, she enjoys the challenge that comes along with providing unique solutions consistent with the values and visions of her clients. Some people say she was born with an instinctive trait that allows her to instantly visualize the transformation of a space upon first glance. We think that’s pretty cool.

Design is not the only activity that gets Natalie’s heart pumping. She enjoys golf, running, painting and bike riding. She is also enthusiastic about coaching softball and basketball for the local Special Olympics team. Nothing makes her more proud than seeing the smiles on those children’s faces when they achieve their goals.

We asked Natalie what she would do if she won the lottery. Her answer: Travel the world, take care of family, give money to charities and buy lots of Chick-fil-A restaurants. She must love chicken strips.