Victoria Wright, IIDA

Interior Designer

Victoria started her career off at Hafer as an intern and after graduating from WKU, she joined our tribe as an Interior Designer. Victoria is a mature individual with a great taste for design and definitely wise beyond her years. She has demonstrated through her creativity, sound critical thinking skills and systematic space planning processes that she can produce amazing design results.

An interesting tidbit about Victoria is that she has two sides to her – she is part country, part city girl. This country girl likes to go kayaking, fishing and listen to Thomas Rhett’s ballads but the city girl in her likes to equally partake in big city life travelling to NYC and has a strong love of fashion. (Conversations with Victoria are never, ever boring.) Victoria also enjoys yoga, cooking and has an obsession with plants – seriously!

We love that Victoria comes to work each day with a desire to learn and an obsession to design each project to be great. She will not stop until the client gets exactly what they dreamed of.