Ali Niemeier

Marketing Coordinator

Ali’s role as Marketing Coordinator translates into one that wears many hats, good thing she has many talents and is very organized. Ali spends her day producing creative proposals, presentations and other marketing materials which contribute to building the firm’s pipeline. She has a knack for translating ideas into actions and excels at ensuring Hafer’s brand is always consistent and clear through each avenue. 

In addition to her regular daily activities, Ali spends time giving back to her community. In fact, she just finished working on a signature project for a local child care center in which the Rotaract Club built a playground for the kids. And make no mistake, Ali not only organized the entire project but she was also seen shoveling dirt and carrying bags of concrete on the weekends to help out.

Ali comes from a big family that is continually growing so it makes sense that she enjoys spending time with them and friends. She especially enjoys going to the lake on weekends to spend time in the sun and relax. One thing most people know about Ali is that she adores Kenny Chesney and is secretly hoping to meet him in the islands one day.