Semaj Rodgers

Architect Associate

Growing up in Chicago, a city covered with iconic buildings, Semaj was inspired from a young age to appreciate beautiful design. In fact, his favorite building is CopenHill, a heat and power waste-to-energy plant which also has a sloped roof that doubles as a year-round artificial ski slope. He has always loved innovative design such as this one. And, he will forever be a huge fan of all Chicago sports teams – Bulls, Bears, Black Hawks and White Sox, to be exact. Semaj now resides in Carbondale with his daughter and works in our Carbondale, IL office.

Semaj has a natural born instinct to lead. He is also humble, loyal and a hard worker. All of these things make for an incredible architect. He enjoys working on projects of all types from churches to train stations to office buildings and beyond. He is especially talented in 3-D graphic presentations, daylighting and energy modeling / analysis.

When Semaj is not working, he tries to get outdoors as much as possible. He likes to explore wildlife and take in the nature around him. He often takes along his pup, Jefe, too. In addition to his outdoor activities, you will also find Semaj drawing and painting for fun.