Carver Simkins

Architectural Graduate

There’s no denying Carver’s passion for architecture is contagious. We felt it as soon as we met him and our clients do, too. He’s creative, visionary, persistent and hardworking – all attributes that will make him a great architect.

For Carver, architecture is all about people, and he enjoys the challenge of designing for different users, all with unique needs, personalities and interests. He sees the impact the built environment has on health and productivity and loves that he has a hand in creating spaces that are safe, efficient and stand the test of time.

Carver is also a man of adventure. He’s lived in six different states, swam from Nevada to California, and was once within a few feet of a large, wild bear. He enjoys woodworking and would love to open his own workshop one day, offering custom doors and windows from scratch. Above all, Carver is a family guy. He and his wife, Caroline, have three young children and their evenings and weekends are spent as a family, taking evening strolls and attending community events. Carver loves that as a dad, he gets to take every opportunity he can to teach his kids, lessons they’ll hopefully cherish throughout their lives.