Princeton Public Library

Master Plan

Princeton Public Library began in 1881 and later became a Carnegie Library. Over the years, renovations and additions were made to the building. As libraries continue to evolve, it is once again time to renovate this library to meet the needs of the community. Princeton Public Library hired Hafer to conduct a master plan to determine a direction for the future growth and change.

One of the biggest objectives, creating spaces for the community to engage with one another, was key to the plan. So, the design outlines several areas, both inside and outside, for people to connect with others or to be alone, perhaps relishing a novel. A “living room” creates ample space for mingling and even opens to an outdoor terrace for patrons to enjoy on pleasant days. A makerspace has been incorporated where entrepreneurs and start-up businesses can utilize equipment to create and make an assortment of projects.

The current library will also be experiencing renovations as part of the project. The staff work area is being remodeled to allow for better efficiency and the children’s library is being reconfigured for increased security and more programming space.

The original Carnegie library is being preserved which faces the opposite direction of the addition. The addition features a more modern aesthetic, seemingly looking towards the future. The two parts blend together seamlessly to create a library that meets the needs of library patrons today.