10 Years of Growth with Beck's Superior Hybrids

Since 1937, Beck’s has been dedicated to one thing: helping farmers succeed. And they have done just that. Not only can you see their success in their crop yields, but also in their company’s growth. Today, Beck’s is the largest family-owned retail seed company and the third-largest seed brand nationwide.

Beck’s accomplished this through their close relationship with farmers in the region. In order to help farmers maximize yields and provide first-in-class service, Beck’s completes extensive testing with their hybrids for each location’s specific climate and soil conditions. Sometimes they test their products right on their customers’ own farms. It is with this dedication that they were able to expand their services to 20 states in the Midwest. Hafer has teamed with Beck’s since 2013, starting with the construction of Beck’s Office, Warehouse and Distribution location in Henderson, KY. Within the past 10 years, Hafer has had the opportunity to help Beck’s expand their operations in 6 additional midwestern states. The firm has been thrilled to be a small part of Beck’s growth.

Our most recent project for Beck’s is a 100,000-sf facility in Salina, Kansas. We are currently working on construction documents for this facility which will include a 2-story office space, service center, warehousing, and distribution areas. Like their other locations, this facility will have test plots on site to test their seeds on the surrounding land. As with other previously designed facilities, this project will use a Behlen pre-engineered metal building system for the base building enclosure with modifications to keep the Beck’s “look” and function. This facility will be set to open in 2024.

We are fortunate to have such a great professional relationship with our clients and look forward to the continued expansion of Beck’s name and products.