About Us


For our employees, working at Hafer is not just a "job". Our people are building careers, as well as a community. We’re given an incredible opportunity, where our work already impacts the place we call home. But we take that a step further.  Hafer employees are involved in community events, fundraisers and nonprofits enriching the lives of our employees as well as the lives of those around them. We believe our most important work is done outside of our walls.

Our team members can be found working on community service projects, serving on community boards or even raising money for a charity with a company dodgeball team. Hafer team members have a passion for giving back, and helping those in need. This common bond of compassion has brought our team closer over the years. It contributes to a constructive work environment, where we take the time to help people grow and pursue their own dreams.

Whether it’s our annual chili cookoff, a family-friendly picnic or themed holiday party, we’re proud to provide and support a company culture that recruits and retains the best people in the business.