About Us


To be excellent, design should go beyond aesthetics. It should positively impact the organization and community it serves. It should make people stop, think and admire. And finally, it should inspire.

To execute design as we believe it should be, we implement a refined process that allows our team’s creativity to not only shine, but yield strong, lasting solutions for our partners. 

For four decades, Hafer has developed its design methods along the way. It’s a system that converts distinct, complex and even hard-to-define visions into rewarding buildings and spaces that inspire for years to come. 

We work collaboratively with clients, learning as much as we can about all they do, how the designed space will be used, as well as how it won’t. We find answers to the questions that keep clients up at night. Once we have explored all options, we present our recommendation. Our solutions aren’t dictated, but rather discovered together with our clients. 

It’s a fun, in-depth process. Here is an overview: