About Us


Everyone hopes to build a legacy that lasts. Lucky for us, our legacy lives in the environments we create for the community to live, work and play. The greatest testament to our legacy is an environment that’s enjoyed generation after generation. That’s truly great design at work.

After four decades of creating community spaces, we know a thing or two about the importance of our design work. It’s never just a building. It’s a chance to impact our community, which our team takes to heart in both our professional and personal lives. Hafer team members are not only hyper involved in the building of this community in our architecture, engineering and interior design work, we care about using our own time to give back. It’s a legacy we’ve been building for decades, and it all started with an ambitious architect with a dream.

1978 – Ed Hafer founds Edmund L. Hafer Architect, Inc. with Steve Pugh on Jan. 1, 1978. David Wills joins the firm three months into the venture.

1992 – Recognizing that the architecture and engineering work best together, the firm adds mechanical and electrical engineering to its services.

1994 – Interior design connects inhabitants to architecture. The firm wisely adds interior design to its list of services.

2004 – A quarter of a century after its founding, the firm changes its name to Hafer Associates, PC.

2004 – Jeff Justice becomes President of the company. Over the next decade, Jeff builds upon Hafer’s reputation as one of the most creative design firms in the Midwest.

2008 – Hafer Associates expands to another state by acquiring Collignon & Nunley Architects in Owensboro, Ky.

2016 – Hafer Associates undergoes a thorough rebrand, changing its name to Hafer and updating its own design to represent the company’s modern, creative work.

2021 – Hafer expands to two more states, Illinois and Ohio. Expansion into Illinois involves the acquisition of hmb ARCHITECTS in Carbondale, and the Ohio expansion includes the opening of a brand new Hafer office in Columbus.

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