Matt Brockman, PE, LEED AP

Principal, Electrical Engineer

Matt is as serious about engineering as the Pope is about religion. He believes it is his job to keep people safe through designing proper engineering systems. Matt is a highly respected electrical engineer in the region, often being asked to look at the most complex, difficult engineering issues. His calm response and dedication to finding the optimal solution no matter what it takes is what makes Matt special. He can even be seen overnight at a client’s project site to ensure things run smoothly.

Beyond his technical expertise, Matt values his relationships with his clients. Keeping the client’s best interests at hand, Matt designs his projects as if they were his own. He believes in creating sustainable, maintainable projects that are cost effective for his clients especially in the long term.

Hiding behind his pocket protector is a laid back surfer boy who believes mermaids are real. Matt spent his latter college years in California taking on the waves between classes. After marrying Debbie, the love of his life, he moved back to the corn fields of the Evansville area to raise a family with 3 children. He says in the future, he would love to be close to the ocean again and visit Hawaii and the Caribbean.