Matt Koewler

Visualization Specialist

Matt plays an important role at Hafer, helping our clients visualize projects before they are built. He works alongside architects, engineers, and designers, transforming ideas on paper into a virtual reality for clients. He also has a hand in ensuring all materials going out graphically represent our firm’s creative talent.

Along with his affection for graphic design, Matt is obsessed with electronics, woodworking, stained glass, laser engraving, and 3D printing. And, we mean obsessed! He has produced hundreds of objects and has even successfully published two Instructables (DIY How To Tutorials) on building 3D printed projects.  These have been featured online and currently have over 500k views! In the office, we use this expertise to print and cut model building projects.

When Matt isn’t working in the office, he enjoys an array of hobbies including: antiquing, listening to podcasts, playing classic video games, meeting up with friends to play Dungeons and Dragons, and competing in Giant Jenga (he is quite the formidable player by the way). Matt also spends time training people on how to use SketchUp and is currently an adjunct instructor for digital illustration at a local college.