Scarlett Bickett

Interior Designer

For Scarlett, designing interior environments is a great outlet for her creative energy. With each project being different, she enjoys the challenge that comes along with providing unique solutions consistent with the values and visions of her clients. Some people say she was born with an instinctive trait that allows her to instantly visualize the transformation of a space upon first glance. We think that’s pretty cool.

Scarlett has always been drawn to the power of aesthetics and how they can make you feel. Knowing this, she does a great job helping clients create spaces that tell a story and evoke a particular emotion. She also enjoys residential design and often gives tips and tricks to family members and friends.

Design is not the only activity that gets Scarlett’s heart pumping. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, refurbishing old things, occasionally playing golf and traveling to all the warm places.