Kirsten Wilson

Architectural Graduate

We were impressed with Kirsten’s knowledge and enthusiasm as an intern with us and were elated to welcome her back to the firm as a full-time architectural graduate. Kirsten is passionate about her work and she dreams big. It’s what we love about her, as do our clients. Kirsten’s favorite thing about Hafer is the atmosphere and cohesion in the office. “The workspace is just one big family and the opportunities are limitless,” she says.

Kirsten loves the creative freedom that comes with designing architecture. For her, every project is a new experience and a new style, and architecture is her way to make her mark on the world.

Kirsten loves all things Disney and shares the obsession with her mother and sister. She has Funko Pop! and Disney trading pin collections, and her go-to vacation spot is Florida — Orlando because of Disney and Clearwater Beach because of family memories. Kirsten also dreams of traveling abroad in Europe. The pandemic canceled two different study abroad trips for her and she still wants to travel and experience different cultures around the world.