Avery Reiter

Interior Designer

Avery is a woman of many strengths. Her personable and easy-going demeanor allows her to form meaningful connections with everyone she meets. Add to that her problem-solving abilities and she’s a force to be reckoned with. We first discovered Avery’s talents when she was an intern at Hafer and they complement our team perfectly.

Avery’s favorite part about interior design is creating a space that both fits the needs of the client and is beautiful. She loves how all the technical aspects of a project come together perfectly in the end.

Avery is a member of the International Interior Design Association and American Society of Interior Designers, and volunteers with 911 Gives Hope. In addition to her interior design work, she dreams of flipping dilapidated houses on the side. She enjoys spending time with friends, sitting by bonfires, working out, listening to ‘90s rock, and hanging out at home with her cat, Charlie.