Paige Yeiser

Architectural Graduate

Paige is meticulous, determined and hardworking – all qualities we witnessed when she was an intern and ones that prove beneficial now as a full-time employee at Hafer. When given a task, she doesn’t give up until it’s finished, an attitude much appreciated by our clients. Us, too. Paige’s passion for her work is undeniable and we love that.

From designing buildings to watching them come to life on the job site, Paige loves every part of the design and construction process. As an architectural graduate, she enjoys learning as much as she can about the industry. “I really just want to succeed and keep growing in my career,” she says.

In her free time, you’ll likely find Paige outdoors – fishing, hunting, shooting her bow, kayaking and riding four-wheelers. She’s skilled at building things by hand, any kind of remodeling and carpentry. Paige and her husband, Hagan, just welcomed Duke the basset hound to the family.