Cameron Whaley, Assoc. AIA, LEED GA

Architectural Designer

Cameron’s personality, attitude and perspective on the world have always set him apart. He’s determined, hardworking and aims to leave every situation better than the way he found it. Clients appreciate his ability to perceive challenges as opportunities and they value his problem-solving as much as his artistic vision.

Cameron has a keen eye for design and an aptitude for creating beautiful, yet functional spaces. He fell in love with architecture because, for him, it’s an opportunity to help shape and mold the world into something beautiful and connected. He believes it’s a privilege to be able to create spaces where people can live, laugh, love, cry, and create memories.

In his free time, Cameron enjoys Top 40 music, especially Ariana Grande; indoor cycling; home projects; going to the movies; traveling (his favorite destination is New York City); and spending time with friends and family. He’s also a dog dad to three – two pitties and a Frenchie.