Dan Engelbrecht, AIA, ASLA

Landscape Architect

Accomplished as both an architect and landscape architect, Dan is passionate about creating environments that will make a positive impact on people’s lives. Dan’s experience and knowledge of regional plants, hardscape materials and construction methods make him a valuable asset to Hafer. As a specialist in site planning and development, it also makes him the go-to guy in the office for advice on home improvement projects.

Incorporating sustainability into each and every project is also important to Dan. He realizes that the choices we make today have a long term effect on the environment. This interest in conservation carries over into his everyday life where Dan not only commutes by bicycle to work but also gives of his time to serve on the Board of Directors for Evansville Trails Coalition. Dan is also a member of Downtown Design Review for the Growth Alliance.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys reading, gardening and home improvement projects. As an outdoor enthusiast, he plans to travel to the national parks in the future to see the beauty that lies beyond the buildings and neighborhoods surrounding him. Dan is also a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, Nancy, two sons and daughter.