Wesselman Woods

Nature Playscape Treehouse

A place of magic and discovery nestled among the great, giant forest that connects people to nature—that’s Wesselman Wood’s future treehouse. This treehouse will be a structure made of mixed wood and natural materials. It will be a place that encourages healthy risk-taking that builds confidence, coordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving.

Kids will be able to discover nature with all five senses and leave covered in the result of their discoveries. It will include rope bridges and ladders, climbing ramps and tunnels, secret hideaways, and overlooks that offer a bird’s eye view. One overlook will allow kids to see across the Odonata Pond and observe wildlife from a safe distance while letting their imaginations run wild. The treehouse will be accessible for all children and abilities as it will be ADA accessible through a series of activity platforms connected by ADA-compliant ramps.

The new treehouse will be an addition to the existing Nature Playscape that already allows kids to discover nature through safe play, discovery and learning. Hafer is ecstatic about designing the new treehouse at Wesselman Woods, filled with joy and enthusiasm for the creative endeavor coming in the summer of 2024.