Southcentral KY Community & Technical College

Campus Master Plan

Over the years, the campus had grown haphazardly with no sense of identity or place existing. It was also noted that the campus was lacking in green space and a central gathering space. The goal of the master plan was to establish order and to create a clear organization of the disparate campus elements as well as create a campus that promotes community within the student population. It was also crucial to create a connection between the existing main campus to the Advanced Technology Institute nearby.

The plan addresses vehicle/pedestrian conflicts by moving parking to the perimeter of the campus and a central plaza was incorporated where students can showcase their projects. In addition, the new plan creates pockets of space between buildings that encourage a relaxing atmosphere, but also inspires interaction among the students.

The master plan also illustrates ideas for future building development, an important tool to demonstrate smart growth. Since implementation of the master plan, the campus has witnessed a positive impact on the overall community built on campus and the increased beautification of campus.