Whether it’s K-12, or higher education, we enhance educational environments by ensuring they cater to the demands of today’s educators and, most importantly, students. These educational spaces have a direct and measurable impact on performance. Through extensive planning and collaboration, we’ll find solutions for needs, both known and unknown.

Colleges today face tough competition, with students considering the quality of dorms, classrooms, athletic facilities and labs. These spaces not only impact current students, but potential ones as they tour campuses to find their perfect fit. Technologically-advanced environments are no longer mere benefits to schools, they’re necessary for student recruitment. Hafer uses our architecture, engineering and interior design experience to deliver an unforgettable “wow” factor, as well as long-lasting functionality.

Whether you are working at a K-12 school or college or university, our team will blend your vision with our creativity to produce a successful space for your school. Always considering how our work will enrich minds, foster inspiration and shape future generations, you can trust that our team grasps the impact of our educational work.

For more information on education design, please contact Ron Steinhart, PE, LEED AP.