We do not take lightly the responsibility of designing a community structure. These are significant investments with taxpayer dollars, so it’s critical we give something back that the community not only approves of, but makes them proud. Whether we are working on an office building or park, museum or civic center, this sense of community consent is always top of mind.

We remember that the civic architecture we create is the foundation of the community. We’re incredibly proud every time we’re asked to partner on the creation of a civic project, as these projects have critical roles in our society. Athletic facilities, police stations, fire houses, city halls – these are the lifeblood of civilization, impacting the community’s quality of life.

Great design can also alter a community. Every chance we get to improve a city’s skyline, downtown or recreational venue is a chance to better attract a young workforce that wants to build a life there. But we can’t get there alone. We work closely with stakeholders – our partners on the project – to arrive at a consensus of what our exact goals for the project are.

For more information on civic design, please contact Jeff Justice, AIA.