Thanks to an ever-growing list of options and alternatives for customers, modern financial institutions find themselves working harder than ever to differentiate themselves from one another. Brand messages are extending beyond traditional marketing materials and websites, and are now becoming fully integrated into the physical environment, reinforcing the company’s unique point of view and considering the customer’s complete experience.

We’re proud to offer our financial institution clients with a complete portfolio of innovative design and engineering options. Gone are the long, winding lines of the past, replaced with open teller pods and, in some cases, a lounge or café style environment which encourages collaboration and co-learning. Thanks to screen sharing and publicly accessible tech walls, information sharing has become more natural than ever before, with visitors being offered the opportunity to educate themselves on products and services through interactive applications.

Whether our clients seek a modern, sleek design or a more traditional look and feel, the Hafer process allows us to focus on your brand, story, and culture. From new construction to renovation, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your next project generates interest and provides security for the future.

For more information about financial institution design, please contact Jeff Justice, AIA.