About Hafer

Passion is the guiding light that shines on everything we do at Hafer. It’s through our passion for collaboration and creation, our passion for people and communities, and our passion for designing what matters most that we’re able to create environments that captivate and delight our clients.

We have spent over forty years crafting a company culture based on this passion and we infuse that ethos into every project we undertake. Our entire staff, from leadership to interns, strives to create places with true purpose, impacting people’s lives with thoughtful, inspirational design.

Our process to achieve this is simple. Hafer team members work as creative partners with clients turning visions into realities through close collaboration. Effective communication, utilization of the latest technologies and our promise to always be available whenever we’re called are the keys that unlock our ability to breathe life into award-winning design work. We’ve spent quality time earning clients’ trust, supporting their needs, and guiding their decision-making — that’s probably why so many of our clients come back to us time and time again. This commitment has led to our company growing to four offices across four states, taking on new clients and improving our ability to serve current clients.

We seek out and highlight the human element of every design, helping people enjoy better outcomes in the buildings we create. That’s what matters most. From the patients who can heal faster in our healthcare facilities, to the students who are more excited to learn in our schools; we focus on listening to our clients, adopting their goals as our own, and delivering results that have a positive impact.

That’s also the approach that has helped us attract and retain some of the industry’s finest talent. Our multidisciplinary team is our firm’s greatest asset, bringing their inventive skills, electric imagination, and tireless work ethic to every project. While each member of the Hafer team has a specialty that makes them a vital member of the organization, they are united in their shared creativity and impassioned commitment to excellence, working holistically to deliver their highest and best results on every single project.

When you are ready to embark on your next design journey, choose a firm that takes genuine joy in listening to your needs and adopting your goals, breathing life into your vision, and delighting in your outcomes. Choose a firm that designs what matters most.