Southside Church of Christ


Southside Church of Christ has served the Hopkinsville Christian community for years. Their mission is to be a loving, sharing, caring fellowship of God’s people who freely share the good news of Jesus Christ.

The church was aging and in need of a refresh to continue providing parishioners with a welcoming, comfortable place to worship. With a limited budget, the design focused on making the most impact with the least cost.

Since the stunning stained-glass windows were such a special part of the church, they provided the basis for the design. The blue tones were pulled from the stained-glass and shades of blue were incorporated around the room to provide a cohesive space. The space was brightened with new modern lighting fixtures and new flooring was installed. After technological upgrades and a few furniture swaps, the renovation was complete. This revitalized place of worship is a welcome change for their church community.