Through decades of providing proven engineering solutions, Hafer has built a reputation as one of the most innovative engineering firms in the Midwest. Whether it’s designing a new multi-million dollar hospital, mapping a university’s campus master plan, replacing boilers and chillers, or anything in between, we’re up for the job.

Our engineering team is always cognizant of a building’s occupants, ensuring people are comfortable and the space is served efficiently. Hafer engineers listen carefully to our clients, so we not only evaluate the first cost but the life cycle costs of our work. Our systems are always reliable, maintainable, energy efficient and flexible. Since we design with all of this in mind, we save our clients money along the way.

When your engineers can work alongside the architects of a project, the benefits are limitless. It’s not just the ease of access – having both teams in house allows us to integrate building systems with the architectural design. This practice saves on overall building volume, lowers project costs, and eliminates coordination issues during construction, which are often the cause of delayed completion. Our engineers and architects are often seen together at the same table, working toward solutions together.

We have a full team of in-house mechanical and electrical engineers. In addition to working with projects running through our own architecture department, we’re happy to consult with other architecture firms on any building type. And no matter the size of the project, our team is always available. Always.