Southern Illinois Multimodal Station

The City of Carbondale saw a need for improved transportation services in the city and even the region, thus the Southern Illinois Multimodal Station (SIMMS) was born. Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Better Utilizing Investment to Leverage Development program, the new downtown transportation center will serve as a hub for Amtrak and Greyhound, as well as local and regional buses. In addition to bus and train operations, SIMMS will also tentatively house Carbondale Tourism, the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, Carbondale Main Street and other offices.

Located on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Carbondale, the SIMMS building needed to make a statement. The building’s design resembles that of Carbondale City Hall and Civic Center, with a mix of brick and decorative masonry, as well as expanses of windows. A clock tower at one corner of the building can be seen from around town, making the SIMMS a prominent and highly visible addition to the city.

The new multimodal station will allow transit riders to reach their destinations in a more direct and efficient manner, thus improving connectivity locally and beyond. It will also improve transit operations for all entities housed there. The city is excited for the new possibilities the multimodal station will bring.

SIMMS’ design is a partnership between hmb ARCHITECTS (a Hafer company) and Design Works.