Deaconess Midtown Hospital

Centralized Flywheel UPS System

Battery UPS systems are prone to failures which is not ideal for a trauma center like Deaconess Midtown Hospital. It is vital to have clean and reliable power at all times. The current trend for paperless electronic medical records places an even higher requirement for clean and reliable power.

Hafer designed a centralized 480 KW flywheel UPS system and associated distribution equipment. UPS power distribution panels were installed throughout the hospital which provides UPS power to all critical loads including the computer room, data closets, security rooms, critical PC’s, critical communication systems and EMR computers. The system is also backed up by the redundant generator system.

Deaconess Midtown Hospital is now confident that they will be able to operate the facility without outages and serve the community’s needs. They have also experienced lower maintenance costs and higher reliability for critical loads. They now have a dependable power distribution system with spare capacity for future growth. Even though the average visitor or patient is unaware of the improvements, Deaconess Midtown Hospital is proud to have spent the resources on this protection.