Kimball International

Accounting & Corporate Services Renovation

Kimball has great pride in their employees and the work they accomplish each and every day. It is core to Kimball’s culture that they provide a workplace where their employees thrive and enjoy coming to work. With this renovation, there was an opportunity to transform a vacant, old, and outdated area containing one small window into a bright, engaging open-office work environment.

To accomplish this goal, existing ceilings were removed to expose the structure thus allowing the space to feel immediately taller and more grand. Many of the walls and two large existing storage vaults were removed to open up the space even further. Also, large skylights and new exterior windows were installed to flood the space with natural light. The office features an appropriate mix of open workstations, private offices, and multiple breakout spaces designed for private conversations or group meetings to occur. Through the provision of new daylighting, views to the exterior, and a variety of open and private spaces, Kimball’s employees are now more engaged and pleased with their work environment.

Kimball’s culture also values sustainability. So, it’s no wonder this renovation is thoughtfully energy efficient and deeply concerned with its impact on the environment. In fact, through an emphasis on superior design, the entire renovation is completely in alignment with Kimball’s brand and corporate culture.