DOMO Ventures

5th & Main St

The demolition of the 420 Tower makes way for new and improved design options for the block located at 5th & Main in Downtown Evansville—just like this one. This design would without a doubt cultivate a bustling and successful city block as it includes two multiuse buildings, a four-story and a six-story, as well as a community park.

Imagine walking up to 5th & Main to find shops and restaurants along the street with outdoor dining aligned next to a lively park. That’s the idea for this design. You’ll find commercial and restaurant space on the lowest levels of each building with lots of glass windows to peek in and view outside. The southernmost structure would also include a food hall, a new concept to the area where multiple vendors would serve in one space. Moving up each building, the design includes office space and apartments with amenities including a gym, hangout lounge, rooftop deck and more.

The park will be just as much of a draw as the multiuse buildings beside it. There will be an outdoor performance stage, extensive seating options, a fire pit, outdoor dining, canopies, public art and a multiuse synthetic turf circle that can transform into an ice rink in the winter.

The urban, industrialized façade used in both buildings is a nod to the structures and design of Evansville’s past. At the same time, the new uses for the space and built-in amenities are key features that will last well into the city’s future.