Old National Bank

Boonville-New Harmony Location

Old National Bank is the largest financial services holding company headquartered in Indiana. As they undergo a rebrand of their company, the facility designs are following suit. The Boonville-New Harmony location will serve as a prototype for future locations that will reflect the new brand, a contemporary image geared to impress new generations of bank customers.

With a mix of traditional and modern materials, the exterior expertly blends together the brand image of the past and future. With a large, round glass clerestory, the design stands out amongst other bank locations. Inside, stations for self service banking are included and modern, open teller desks provide a more intimate banking experience.

With a passion for the environment, a parking structure was built on the property with a solar canopy. This canopy captures energy from sunlight and feeds it to the bank to offset energy usage. It is capable of producing 30kw of photovoltaic energy.

This new prototype location for Old National Bank is under construction with an expected completion in the Fall of 2018.