OFS Brands

Cool Springs Cabins

Located just down the road from the OFS headquarters, Cool Springs is a 600-acre property that OFS uses to create meaningful opportunities for connection, discovery, focus and restoration. It is a cross between an educational preserve, a reforesting effort, a design retreat and a corporate meeting center for their clients, employees and friends.  To create a well-rounded experience, OFS has a vision to build a community of 12 cabins to curate a shared and lasting overnight experience. Imagine retreating to a cozy cabin after a full day of experiencing nature and reconnecting with the outdoors — planting trees, riding ATVS, kayaking, wrangling a ropes course, zooming on a zipline and shooting skeet.

To create this community, Hafer completed a master plan and designed all the buildings currently on site. The master plan indicates the best locations for each cabin, considering the movements of the sun, the best views and proximity to other amenities on the campus. It also details the exterior and interior material options that will make each cabin distinctly unique. While guests are tucked away for the night, they are still connected to nature with biophilia and large floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition, the cabins will be designed to meet LEED certification requirements for a sustainable future.

The cabins will be a great addition to the Cool Springs campus and will allow OFS to utilize the campus to its full potential for clients and friends.