University of Evansville

Student Housing Townhomes

In order to attract and retain local and long distance students, University of Evansville wanted to offer townhomes as a student living option for juniors and seniors to enhance the experience of student living on campus. Through careful planning, the project team was able to meet the quick timeframe that was desired by the University to design and build this project.

The new townhomes help to unify the north and south side of campus as well as foster greater vitality for the campus as a whole. A total of six townhomes were constructed to complement the character of the UE campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. Each townhome contains six units with four bedrooms for a total of 144 beds. Each unit contains two baths, a kitchen, and a family room so students have room to cook, hang out with friends, or have their own private room for study and of course sleep.

These townhomes have been a welcome addition to the University of Evansville campus. The new housing option offers a significant upgrade with enhanced amenities. Students love the apartment style living and being located close to campus.