University of Evansville

Hyde Hall Classroom Building Renovation

One of the earliest buildings constructed on University of Evansville’s campus, Hyde Hall is home to the nationally recognized Theatre program at UE. This three-story academic building is attached to Shanklin Theatre and contains several classrooms and offices for the Departments of Theatre, Philosophy, Liberal Arts and Archaeology. This project, the first renovation to the building, is currently underway, with plans to enliven the space and excite the bright minds learning there.

As part of the renovation, the exterior envelope will be enhanced with all new exterior windows, roof repairs, and stone veneer panels. Inside, classrooms are being revamped, two large computer labs are being added as well as a rehearsal space for the Theatre Department. Student lounges will be incorporated throughout to give students a place to study and hang out between class. The furniture was selected to provide flexible arrangements and necessary technology needs for today’s university student.

Hyde Hall is also receiving new energy efficient heating and cooling systems, occupancy controls and LED lighting, illustrating UE’s commitment to providing a sustainable and healthy learning environment. Advanced audio and visual equipment is being integrated throughout the building. This will enhance the classroom experience and open the door to collaborative, project-based work and group learning.

Once complete, the renovation will provide the students with a state-of-the-art facility, enriching the educational experience. The project will be complete in 2019.