University of Evansville

Ridgway University Center

Located in the heart of campus with easy access to all other facilities at University of Evansville is the Ridgway University Center. It was constructed to house a majority of the non-academic student life activities. Along with Mackey Mitchell Architects, Hafer designed Ridgway University Center to complement the surrounding buildings on campus by using light-colored masonry and metal. A series of light wells were incorporated to crown the gable roof area which fill the interior spaces with natural light.

A bookstore, dining area, recreation room, and coffee bar are located on the first level along the new pedestrian corridor and plaza. This is where students can be seen grabbing a bite to eat, studying in quiet alcoves, drinking coffee with friends, and playing pool and watching the big screen tv’s in the recreation room. The second level contains administrative offices, the university radio station, and a large open lounge area with divided areas to study. In addition, the existing parking lot was turned into a large green space and pedestrian plaza which has become a social gathering space.

Ridgway University Center is the second building on campus to become LEED Certified. It has added tremendous value to University of Evansville by creating a more unified and student oriented campus. The Ridgway University Center is now considered to be the favorite hangout amongst students and is utilized all day every day.