Deaconess Midtown Hospital

Hybrid OR

After two years of planning and the demolition of four existing operating rooms, Deaconess Midtown Hospital opened Indiana’s first state-of-the-art hybrid operating room. This surgical theatre features a GE Discovery IGS 740 which merges a cath lab with a cardiovascular OR to allow for more invasive surgeries in a safer environment.

The design of the hybrid operating room took careful planning. Unlike a standard OR, this room requires more square footage to accommodate staff and equipment for two separate clinical teams that assist with cardiovascular procedures. The GE Discovery IGS 740, used in highly technical operations, features a laser that always coordinates with wall mounted reflectors so that it knows where it is relative to everything else in the operating room. A specialized monolithic floor was also installed to exact tolerances to accommodate the GE Discovery. Featured in the room is LED lighting so surgeons can dim the room for certain procedures and adjust colors to assist with reading display monitors.

Since opening the hybrid operating room, doctors, nurses and patients alike have experienced the benefits. With the overwhelming success, the hospital anticipates building more like this in the future.