Ascension St. Vincent Evansville

Emergency Power Upgrade

Ascension St. Vincent Evansville, a level II trauma center, provides acute care services to the residents in Vanderburgh county and surrounding communities. Originally constructed in the early 1960’s, this 800,000-sf hospital required a new emergency power distribution system meeting the latest code requirements for life safety, critical care and equipment branches. After completing a master plan, construction began on a 12-phase emergency power upgrade. Keeping the hospital in operation during this upgrade was a critical part of the system design.

To make room for the new emergency power equipment, a building addition was constructed on top of the existing boiler plant. Equipment that was added included two 2 MW generators, two 15,000-gallon underground fuel storage tanks and 36 transfer switches. In total, six new satellite emergency distribution equipment rooms were created as well as a new fuel polishing system for the generators. In addition, the project required reworking the ductwork, mechanical systems and ceilings throughout the facility to make space available for the new equipment and required feeder conduits. Over 250 small area power outages were completed in order to move the existing load over to the new emergency system.

The paralleling and distribution switchgear was sized to include three future 2 MW generators. The Ascension St. Vincent Evansville emergency distribution system is now capable of serving the current and future anticipated hospital emergency power needs.