Family Medical Partners

Family Medical Center

Family Medical Partners had outgrown its previous location and wanted to bring in additional physicians, so a new building was the best solution for the primary care practice. The Family Medical Center is more than twice the size of the former and brings a more welcoming experience to patients.

The building’s exterior displays natural materials, wood and stone, and the same look is carried inside where natural light was key to bringing a more modern, open and inviting feel to the practice. A skylight in the check-in area brings light to the center of the building. Frosted glass also navigates patients to check-in. The waiting area is an intimate space with groups of seating versus traditional rows.

The Family Medical Center features 21 exam rooms, four procedure rooms and a laboratory. The exam rooms were designed so that doctors face patients, even while using a laptop, enabling more focused care. The building also includes a large conference room and a gym for staff.

The Family Medical Center’s modern design takes into account both the well-being of staff and patients and will allow the practice to serve the community well into the future.