Linda E. White Hospice House

To provide quality, compassionate care for people facing life-ending circumstances, Deaconess Hospital decided to build a first-rate hospice center. Patients and their family can receive physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual care through this facility.

Inspired by the form of hands held in prayer, the building’s identity is defined by its uniquely shaped chapel. The chapel features a large expanse of glass that allows the illuminated interior to serve as a beacon in the night.

The facility contains seven patient rooms with shell space for an additional seven patient rooms in the future. Designed with putting the focus on the patient and families first, each patient room is adjoined with a guest room so the family can stay nearby around the clock. Both the patient room and connected guest rooms have doors that open to the patio which overlook the beautiful courtyard. This outside space provides a peaceful setting within a walled safe haven from the surrounding urban environment. Patients’ beds also can be easily moved out onto the outdoor patio to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Across the hall from each room are quiet alcoves designed to give families a private gathering space outside of the patient room. Additional spaces provided for guests include a children’s playroom featuring a unique magnetic play wall, a kitchen with attached dining room and a large community room centered around a cozy fireplace. Located on the second floor are offices and a large conference room for bereavement counseling, support groups, social services and volunteer training and hospital functions.

The Linda E. White Hospice House truly facilitates a comfortable, nurturing environment for patients and families. It is here where the spirit of life can be celebrated with loved ones in a place that feels like home.