WVU Medicine

Rosenbaum Family House & Child Development Center

WVU Healthcare engaged Hafer to design a new family house and child development center right across from the main hospital. The family house provides apartments to patients receiving long-term, semi-outpatient treatments (such as bone marrow transplants) and their caregivers. Additionally, the family house provides guest rooms for the family members of patients who experience long-term, critical-care hospital stays.

The family house includes eight apartments and 30 guest rooms within a warm, family-friendly environment. Other amenities include a kitchen and dining area where multiple individuals and/or their families can cook meals and dine together. A library was incorporated which provides a space for quiet, reflective time.

The Child Development Center provides childcare for approximately 230 children each day. These children receive age-appropriate care in 22 distinct classroom settings with a focus on nature as its governing theme. An extensive playground was also incorporated next to the building where children enjoy the outdoors.

The Rosenbaum Family House and Child Development Center serves a great need in the community and has been a welcomed addition for patients at West Virginia University Hospitals.