Women's Healthcare PC

Suite 2500

Women’s Healthcare PC needed to relocate five physicians to a new suite. The current space was demolished to make way for this new OB/GYN office.  With all of the walls down, Hafer was able to design the suite to maximize efficiency.  Each physician was assigned three exam rooms and a workstation was placed nearby.  The physicians no longer wanted or needed their own private office which allowed for more square footage for exam rooms.   

The suite contains a total of 15 exam rooms, waiting area, ultrasound rooms, procedure rooms, staff lounge and office space.  The exam rooms contain sliding doors that are designed with a special latch for privacy of patients. Each set of exam rooms is assigned a color for ease of identification and wayfinding.   

The interior was designed to appeal to their female patient population. The lobby includes a feature wall made of textural 3form panels providing a fresh, modern look.  The wall is recessed so the furniture does not damage the panels.  The structural column in the lobby was wrapped with a Móz decorative column wrap with a unique hand-etched grain.  Since opening, both the staff and patients have enjoyed the new space.