Bethany Christian Church

Renovation and Expansion

For Bethany Christian Church, expanding the existing worship facility for a rapidly-growing congregation is the primary goal for this project. But, the church took this opportunity to also strengthen the current church community by designing new, inspiring spaces to connect with one another.

Included in this project is a sanctuary expansion with a tiered seating system, updated interior finishes, and renovation of the nursery, welcome center and offices. With the expansion came a youth classroom, two youth worship spaces, an adult education classroom, and lounge space. The fa├žade was enhanced by creating a series of tall volumes proportionally-scaled to complement the existing building forms. Large expanses of glass provide an abundant amount of daylight into the space. To make this worship facility more energy efficient, the entire shell of the new addition and the existing areas of the church are clad with EIFS to increase insulation values.

Located in a prominent area of the community, the bright and welcoming presence will attract new visitors. Bethany Christian Church is looking forward to the continuous growth in church membership facilitated by this major renovation and expansion.