Holy Rosary Parish

Master Plan & Renovation Projects

Hafer was asked by Holy Rosary Parish to create a master plan for their church and K-8 school which are located together on the same property. The goals for this master plan include the following:

• Identify growth direction for school
• Improve connectivity between the buildings on campus
• Improve building conditions to integrate information technology
• Beautify the campus and worship environments

Hafer held several meetings with faculty, staff and parishioners to collect information and discuss the needs of Holy Rosary. Through these discussions, ideas were explored and tested before reaching consensus on which projects should be completed and in what order they should be completed. This master plan prioritized the needs and goals into an easy-to-follow plan that included a preschool addition, new cafeteria/multi-purpose space, church renovation, day chapel addition and school renovation.

As part of the overall master plan, improvements in circulation were also made to create a more visible entrance to the church, ease of access for elderly and handicapped and a safe vehicle route for pedestrians on campus. All of these improvements will help Holy Rosary provide an enriched experience to its members.