Saint Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology

Campus Master Plan

The Saint Meinrad master plan is the culmination of an eight-month planning process. The process involved all segments of the Archabbey community in order to produce a plan that met the needs of everyone. The plan documents the physical facilities necessary to carry forward the mission, values and goals of the Archabbey.

The plan provides recommendations with respect to campus planning and space planning, as well as feasibility of future projects according to the projections made for the Archabbey and School of Theology. Developing and maintaining a sense of community on campus was also an important goal of the plan.

The foundation of this plan is a set of guidelines that aids in the preservation of the historic architectural character of the campus, as well as the rich history and tradition of Saint Meinrad Archabbey, the Benedictine Order, and the Catholic Church. The plan addresses updating the infrastructure within these historic buildings to meet the changing needs of today’s academic environment.

Since the master plan was developed, the projects have been phased and built according to funding availability. Through the skillful design of each of these projects, the integrity of the spiritual environment has been maintained and the Archabbey has successfully transitioned to meet their current needs.