Saint Meinrad Archabbey

Guest House and Retreat Center

If a person wants to spend quality time to reflect in a peaceful environment, Saint Meinrad Archabbey offers just that unique and special place - the Guest House and Retreat Center. It provides overnight accommodations for guests who stay on campus for group retreats and guests who enjoy visiting for personal reflection. With a quiet, serene atmosphere and beautiful grounds, this facility provides “a place to feed your soul” as stated by one guest.

The two-story masonry structure features unique sandstone and a clay tile roof. These features blend well with the existing campus. In fact, the sandstone masonry walls came from the same quarry which has provided stone on all the buildings at Saint Meinrad for the last 100 years.

Upon arriving at the Guest House and Retreat Center, visitors enter the welcome center to check-in. On the left wing of the building is the retreat center connected to a full service kitchen and large dining facility. The right wing contains a chapel and 39 guest rooms. The guest rooms are simple on purpose. They are meant to cut down on outside distraction with no television or other worldly disturbances in order to provide a place for one to clear their mind. Ancillary spaces include conference rooms, offices, and reading rooms.

One of the reasons the grounds at Saint Meinrad are so special is the picturesque landscaping and thoughtful contemplation areas throughout. The outdoor courtyard features a beautiful lawn with colorful landscaping, sculptures, a seat wall, and a silent garden which provides a calming and peaceful atmosphere for reflection.

Visitors enjoy their experience at the Guest House and Retreat Center. They feel connected to nature and spiritually connected to God while there and are able to leave feeling refreshed.