Carlisle Library

To celebrate the Carlisle Bicentennial Celebration, Sullivan County Public Library decided to build a new library for the Town of Carlisle. With a strong connection between the library and adjacent school, the library wanted both the exterior and interior to complement the school. As part of this, the schools’ color palette was incorporated throughout which consists of grey, black, and white with red accents.

The library consists of a single sloped roof and alternating colored bricks on the exterior with an open concept plan inside. The library has several windows that flood the space with natural daylight and the bright, tall ceilings give the small space a sense of openness. There are designated areas each for children, young adults and adults. The children’s section was designed to be flexible and consists of furniture and bookstacks that are mobile to create flexible venues, as well as custom seating with toy storage incorporated underneath.

The library has been well received by the community since its opening. The patrons have enjoyed the expanded services offered and the bright, comfortable environment it provides.