Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp

Lincoln School Addition & Renovation

Since Lincoln Elementary was transitioning from an elementary school to a K-8 school, many renovations and additions to the building were needed to accommodate the increase in student enrollment and the different needs of a new student population. The interior renovations included updates to the library as well as enlarging the cafeteria and kitchen to serve more children. Some of the old classrooms were renovated into faculty offices and an office for the school nurse. The addition to the school primarily consisted of classrooms such as a media center, music room and a large science laboratory. A second, larger gymnasium was also added to make it possible for more students to practice sports after school at the same time.

Hafer replaced all of the original 1928 exterior windows which helped increase the energy efficiency. It was the goal that the additions match the original building. Coordinating materials and stonework were utilized and the secondary entry that was created mimics that of the existing building entry.

Students, faculty and staff not only enjoy the new learning and activity spaces throughout but changing the school to a K-8 school has made a positive impact. It has strengthened the sense of neighborhood because the students stay close to home through their entire K-8 education.