Goodwood Brewing & Spirits

Once Goodwood Owensboro decided on a location, they wanted a storefront that showcased their brand with a family-friendly atmosphere. Tucked inside The Enclave, a multi-use building also designed by Hafer, this new, open-concept restaurant features floor-to-ceiling windows and a large patio with fantastic views of the riverfront.

In addition to the patio, guests may choose to sit in a lounge area of the restaurant, which includes couches and chairs in a more casual setting. Tables and booths are available for dining, as well as the bar, which artfully showcases Goodwood’s craft beer and spirits. A big nod to the brewery’s brand – their beer and spirits are finished in barrels, just like bourbon – are the bourbon-barrel wall finishes throughout the space. Dimmable LED lighting adds to the ambience, as well as large-screen TVs that project all the big games.

Guests are raving about Goodwood, its southern-inspired menu and its unique, lively atmosphere. Its addition to the Owensboro riverfront is a welcomed one.