Energy Systems Group

New Corporate Headquarters

Energy Systems Group is a leading energy services provider specializing in developing sustainable energy solutions. Having continued growth over the past several years, this new corporate headquarters doubled the space they previously had.

The new facility includes 70 enclosed offices with room for expansion. Each office features floor-to-ceiling glass partitions allowing an abundance of light to flow throughout the workspaces. To promote collaboration amongst employees, several break-out spaces were integrated for impromptu meetings. Additional amenities include a large breakroom with a variety of seating styles along with an outdoor patio for employees to enjoy. A modern coffee bar provides employees a sophisticated environment to enjoy a cup of coffee while still being able to work.

The innovative, forward-thinking culture and mission of Energy Systems Group is reflected throughout the design of the building. The interior design incorporates stone feature walls, custom wood panel ceiling clouds, and exposed structures in portions of the building. The contemporary façade features a high-performance building envelope and sunshades over the windows for energy efficiency.

The new office space really empowers and engages employees on a higher level than before. The building brings people together throughout the day promoting collaboration and increasing employee satisfaction.