Farbest Foods

Corporate Headquarters

As Farbest Foods grew over the years, so did their need for more office space. So, when the company got the opportunity to purchase a large, former furniture showroom and office building, they jumped on it. Hafer designed the renovation of the building to emulate the Farbest brand using a mix of neutral colors, intriguing textures and clean lines. The elegant interiors with masculine undertones convey warmth and strength, which represent the character of Farbest employees.

With a desire to provide employees with a great environment in which to do their work, Hafer’s design thoughtfully took into consideration how each person would be exposed to natural sunlight even though few exterior windows were located in the building’s exterior walls. Sliding glass doors and glass walls were used throughout the space to ensure daylight found its way to the inner parts of the office as well as providing visual connectivity between employees. Much forethought was also given to the efficiency of the layout and acoustics.

Farbest Foods also enjoys bringing clients to the new headquarters where they are given a sneak peek into the operations of the company. Clients are greeted with an expansive logo display and reception area. As they tour through the facility, they will see Farbest Food’s mission statement prominently displayed in an open office environment that captures the company’s philosophy of open communication and accessibility.

Employees and clients both see the new headquarters as an extension of the company’s culture which was the primary intent of the design. The building speaks to the Farbest Food’s brand and reinforces their core values.